Who are we? Local Tourist stands for personal contact, lots of fun in an informal vibe in which you are our guest! From a group of 2 to max 8 people we can provide the attention you deserve. 

We'll pick you up at your hotel, provide your (Dutch) lunch, let you walk around just a little longer if you need it and of course make sure that your missing out on nothing during your tour.

Hope to see you soon!

- Local Tourist









This gives you the opportunity to see Amsterdam and her countryside in all her glory for an easy price. From farm to the curves of ’the Amstel’ and from mills and farmer lands to the roaring canals of Amsterdam. The premium package even let’s you see the northern villages like the ‘Zaanse Schans’ which are famous for their far reaching polder landscapes.




De specials make it possible for you to take the time to enjoy a special destination near Amsterdam. You can discover Delft and its ‘Delfs’ blue at your own pace or make a beautiful walk around the famous village ‘Volendam’. Without fixed bus-times or stress we’ll get you there and back and make it an experience you won’t forget.





When you are in the busiest and most beautiful city in the Netherlands, Amsterdam, you could almost forget what’s just out of the hustle and bustle of the city center.

I am a member of a country family but have been living in Amsterdam for several years now. I would like to offer you the chance see this beautiful overlooked part of the Netherlands! Away from the crowds, amongst mooing cows and rolling meadows I want to bring you some of the peacefulness that the Netherlands has to offer.

The experience is better than reading about it so do not hesitate to discover the countryside of the Netherlands with me as your guide!